Astral Drive Elementary

School Counsellor

Hello! My name is Krista Pope, and I am the school counsellor at Astral Drive Elementary. As a School Counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the personal, social and academic well-being of all students.

Some student needs that I can help with are:
• problems with friendships/social skills/conflict resolution
• concerns about bullying and harassment
• being worried or stressed out about things that are happening in class, at school or outside of school
• handling feelings, including sadness and anger/coping skills
• being scared or feeling unsafe for any reason
• just needing to be heard by someone who they can trust

I know that, in most cases, your children already talk to you about things that may be happening with them- the school counsellor can be another ally for both them and you.

How I can work with students
• See students individually
• Work with small groups of students with common concerns in the guidance room (e.g. friendships, divorce)
• Sessions with classes or other groups to help them work on specific skills or get important information (e.g. on bullying, racism or career exploration)
• Consultation and Collaboration: parents, teachers and administration
• Provide resources and education
• Referral assistance to services in the community
Referral Process
Any student can request to meet with me or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or by a parent or guardian. If your child is recommended for services the referring teacher/administrator will notify you and arrange for a consent form to be signed if you wish for your child to participate. Parents may also contact me if you wish to refer your child for guidance support and the same protocol will be followed.

How I can work with parents and guardians
I am always available to discuss your child with you.  If I am not in the building, you can reach me through email or phone (please just be mindful of confidentiality concerns when using emails).   I may be able to offer support and help with problem-solving, as well as suggest resources and ideas.  At times, we may collaborate together with the school staff and your child to help him or her have a successful experience at school. 

Keeping a trusting counselling relationship with students is very important.  As a result, most of what happens during individual sessions is confidential between the counsellor and the child.  This is more important for older children than younger ones- I will likely share more information about students in the early grades, since they are not yet as independent.  Be assured that I will contact you if there is something that I believe is important for you to know about or help with (with your child’s knowledge).  You know your children and see them daily, and are therefore a valuable ally- my hope is that we will collaborate regularly. Students themselves are free to give as much information as they choose about our work together.

School counselling is comprehensive and strives to meet students’ academic, personal/social, and interpersonal needs. School Counselling is not designed to replace clinical counselling services, but is a useful addition to the school community.
I look forward to supporting all of you to make sure the needs of Astral Drive Elementary School’s children are met!  


Krista Pope, B.A., B.Sc(Elementary Ed), MC.

School Counsellor, Astral Drive Elementary 
(902)462-8500 ext 5