Astral Drive Elementary

Safety Reminders

The following are reminders that will ensure the safety of all members of our school community:

Visitors – For the safety of our students, all doors are locked during regular school hours.  Visitors to the school must ring the doorbell, be buzzed in and check in and/or sign in at the office. All volunteers and visitors are reminded to wear a visitor/volunteer pass and sign out when you leave.

Playground – Please remember that there is no supervision on the school grounds in the morning, please do not have your child arrive prior to 8:10 which is the time when they can enter the building.  With no supervision before this time, we can not be held responsible for any incidents or injuries.

Parking Lot – We request that parents, sitters, etc. not bring their cars into the parking lot on Lakeshire or down the driveway on Astral at any time during the day when children could be outside. This includes before class in the morning or afternoon, during recess, during the noon hour and afterschool.  Please, if you are bringing your child to school or picking him/her up after school, park on the street and walk in to meet your child or explain where you will be parked.