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What is the School Advisory Council?

The Department of Education School Advisory Council Handbook on SACs indicates that SACs are said to “bring partners together to provide advice to principals and school boards, in the best interests of students.” The duties of the SAC as set out in the Education Act are:


22 A school advisory council for a public school shall

(a) after consultation with the staff of the school, develop and recommend to the school board a school improvement plan;

(b) prepare an annual report in such form and containing such information as the Minister determines;

(c) advise on the development of school policies that promote academic excellence and a positive learning environment;

(d) advise the principal and staff of the school on curriculum and programs, school practices, student discipline, fund-raising and parent-school communication and similar matters;

(e) advise the school board on curriculum and programs, student-support services, policy development, funding, communication strategies and similar matters;

(f) participate in the selection of the principal of the school by representation on the school board’s selection committee;

(g) subject to the approval of the school board, make by-laws respecting the election of its members, the conduct of its meetings and the operation of the school advisory council; and

(h) perform such other duties and have such powers of the school board as the agreement made pursuant to subsection 20(3) provides and the Governor in Council transfers to the school advisory council pursuant to Section 23.